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Considerations To Make When Choosing Your Next Pair Of Hiking Boots

Considerations To Make When Choosing Your Next Pair Of Hiking Boots

With nearly everything you do, there are certain tools or things that you need to have made of top quality in order to have the best experience. With hiking in the wild, there are a lot of things that you can get by with lesser quality, or even cheap quality, but not with your hiking boots, because that’s where the sole hits the pavement, so to speak. If you have a pair of ill fitting boots of lower quality you could injure your feet in the long-term and cause irreparable harm to them.

Of All Your Hiking Equipment Your Boots Take Top Priority

Being outdoors is not the same thing as sitting home, kicking back, and watching the big game on TV. When you’re only walking 20 feet to the refrigerator and back all day you can go barefoot or wear a cheap pair of slippers if need be. However, if you’re going to go a long trek in the mountains you’ll need to have the best quality hiking boots that you can possibly afford.

The first thing that is important is getting the right fit and for that, you’ll definitely want to take a good high-quality pair of hiking socks with you to try your boots on for the fit. While many people will recommend cotton, because that’s what they wear with their athletic shoes, cotton does not wick, as in pull moisture away from your skin. Keeping your feet dry while hiking is of paramount importance so that they stay warm as well.

Wool, on the other hand, is one of the best natural fibers for socks as it provides plenty of cushion and keeps your feet warm when they to be, plus they wick the water away from the skin as you sweat. Look for a wool blend because they are more comfortable next to the skin but still retain all of the favorable characteristics of 100% wool.

When Choosing Men’s Hiking Boots Certain Qualities Are Important

You’ll first want to take into consideration the type of terrain that you’re most likely to be hiking on and the type of weather that you will encounter. If you’re always going to be hiking on trails you’ll need a boot with less support in the sole and they can be much more flexible. However, when hiking in rocky terrain a strong sole that doesn’t transfer the roughness into the feet is imperative.

Men's Hiking Boots


If you’re going to be hiking strictly on groomed trails you can go with a more flexible sole since they are more comfortable in the long run and usually lighter in weight as well. Plus, since there are less likely to be snakes and insects on a path you don’t need to have boots that go as high on the ankle either. When hiking in rocky terrain, on the other hand, having a boot that can protect your ankles from live hazards as well as scrapes by sticks and rocks can be very important for your safety.

Top quality hiking boots are one of the most important considerations before you go on your hike. Having the right kind of socks can also be an important choice as well. You should take the time to try on your boots and walk throughout the store for several minutes to see if they continue to fit as you’ll need them to. Go for top-notch quality materials and you’ll enjoy the long service life and many safe hikes in your travels.